Office K.

Antwerp, Belgium - 2017

This ground floor space, flooded with natural light, is located in the heart of the trendy neighborhood 'Het Eilandje' on the edge of Antwerp's city center. The renovation of this corner office was commissioned by a new & young real estate firm. The concept of the design is to create a personal and domestic vibe instead of the feel of a typical office. When entering the office it feels like entering a house, where the small marble kitchen instantly stands out. The actual workspaces of the office are located in the background, surrounded by a monolith corner in warm and soft tones. The relative small, unusually shaped space as well as the dense program, made an efficient and flexible use necessary. The pivoting steel door in front of the kitchen can separate the corner space from the rest of the office, where it can be used as a private meeting room, without making an actual separate room. For optimal use of the surface, the outside triangular shaped walls were used to create an integrated bench. The warm and soft tones of the walls & floor, with the contrasting raw & natural materials, make a personal and tangible experience.

icw Jonathan Beeckmans

Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals

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