Site ZGL.

Antwerp, Belgium - 2015

Public vs. private.

The project's site is located on the corner of a busy acces road to the city of Antwerp, above subway station 'Zegel'. Since 1981 the extension of the metro line in this part of Antwerp became inactive, and so 'Zegel' became a ghost station ever since. With the new plans to improve Antwerp's infrastructure and metro line, the concept was to create a new, flexible building on the site and integrate the subway station in the design. The program for this vacant lot was dense; the entrance of the subway station, a district police office and apartments. Blending public space, offices & private apartments in one design. Where the police station, located on the first three floors, would ensure social control around the subway's entrance, the private apartments, located on the upper floors, provide an unlimited panoramic view on the Antwerp skyline, due to the buildings morphology.

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